How The Sun Affects Our Health

sun health

No amount of words can describe how important the Sun is to the way our bodies work. The Sun is so important to a person’s overall health and happiness that it should never be left out of a natal chart. All life force, energy, or prana comes from the Sun. The sign it is in … Read more

How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Cancer

cancer planets

Cancer is in charge of a lot of different things. It is in charge of coverings like the membranes of the brain, lungs, and heart, as well as the sinuses, eyeballs, and bone marrow. the cheeks of the face and the liver’s glycogen storage, Cancer is also in charge of anemia, which is caused by … Read more

How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Gemini

gemini planets

Gemini is in charge of the hands, arms, shoulders (except for the sternum and breastbone, which are in charge of Cancer) and, in general, the central nervous system. But it has a much more subtle and important job: it controls the tubes in the body. Not the arteries or veins, but the eustachian tubes in … Read more

How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Leo

leo planets

Leo is in charge of just one organ, but it is the most important one: the heart. This sign is in charge of almost all kinds of heart problems. In a kind of reflex action with Aquarius, its opposite sign, Leo may also sometimes be to blame for different kinds of back problems. Aquarius is … Read more

How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Virgo

virgo planets

Virgo’s main job is to break things down, analyze them, and put them in order. This is especially clear in the pancreas, which is ruled by Virgo. This gland is in charge of letting out the right amount of pancreatic juices, which break down all kinds of food. Internal secretion from the pancreas also includes … Read more