How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Virgo

Virgo’s main job is to break things down, analyze them, and put them in order. This is especially clear in the pancreas, which is ruled by Virgo. This gland is in charge of letting out the right amount of pancreatic juices, which break down all kinds of food. Internal secretion from the pancreas also includes the hormones insulin and glycogen, which are both very important for the metabolism of carbohydrates. People can get diabetes or hypoglycemia, which are both linked to sugar, if Virgo doesn’t break down and use these two products properly.
Many sources say that the Sun is in charge of the spleen, but it is also in Virgo’s domain.

On an etheric level, the spleen divides the prana in addition to making many types of blood cells. Without the right flow of vitality globules, the body would start to break down. Both Virgo and Neptune care about this very important job. Virgo is in charge of the digestive system, which is an important part of absorption. The duodenum is the most important part. This is where the right amount of bile from the gallbladder and juices from the pancreas are added to the food. Only when the food is broken down chemically and sent to all parts of the body can good health be kept. Virgo also makes sure that all nutrients are taken in as they move through the intestines. Without proper absorption, a person will not get enough nutrients, which will lead to deficiencies.
Virgo also shares control of the liver with the planet Jupiter and the sign Cancer. While Cancer is in charge of the organ’s exterior and Jupiter is in charge of the organ as a whole, Virgo is in charge of how enzymes are made on the inside. It also has something to do with how glycogen is stored in the liver.

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Since Virgo is the exact opposite of Pisces, people with planets in Virgo are usually sensitive to drugs. They usually only need a small amount of any medicine for it to work well.
Sun in Virgo. This placement may cause problems for people with diabetes or low blood sugar, as well as colitis and diarrhea. There is a chance that the body doesn’t absorb food well, which would require a strict, healthy diet with fiber. Tbe Moon in Virgo can cause loose stools, tumors, and swellings in the abdomen.
Also, there is a chance that a problem with the endocrine system will cause sugar problems in women who take birth control pills. Hypoglycemia is another illness that could happen.
Mercury is in the sign of Virgo. If you are nervous, this placement could cause diverticulitis or colitis. These people worry a lot, which makes them tense and nervous. Poor digestion can also cause colic, sleeplessness, and flatulence in the stomach. Venus in Virgo. This arrangement could lead to problems with blood sugar and bowel movements that aren’t regular.
Mars in the sign of Virgo Pancreatitis, inflammation of the spleen or liver, dysentery, worms, and bowel inflammation in general, gastroenteritis, peritonitis, and cholera. With Mars in Virgo, you could get a ventral hernia, lyphoid, or hyperinsulinism.

Jupiter in Virgo can cause enzyme problems, a swollen liver, an abscess in the liver, jaundice, fatty degeneration of the liver, and cholesterol deposits in the liver.
Saturn in Virgo. This position can cause the beginning or end of diabetes, hypoinsulinism, intestinal blockage or constriction, poor peristaltic movement that causes diarrhea and constipation, colitis, sclerosis of the liver, and poor enzyme action in the liver. Uranus in Virgo can cause sudden cases of diabetes or low blood sugar that are caused by a lot of emotional stress. In the intestinal tract, spasms and cramps may happen. Also, if someone goes through a traumatic shock, they may have problems with their blood sugar on and off. Other possible health problems include the bowels twisting and telescoping and a type of diabetes caused by the posterior pituitary hormonal release mechanism not working right.

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When Neptune is in Virgo, it can cause sagging intestines and weak intestinal peristalsis. As a result, food stays in the digestive tract longer, allowing toxins to be reabsorbed through the walls and poison the person. Diabetes or a wrong diagnosis of low blood sugar
Sometimes, a person is put under the care of a psychiatrist or in a mental ward when the problem is not mental but rather physical. Toxemia is also a disease that can happen.
Pluto in Virgo. With this placement, there may be problems with the pancreas. Because of this, you may have long-term sugar problems like hypoglycemia and diabetes, which are both easy to check with a five-hour glucose tolerance test. People who have a family history of sugar disorders are more likely to get them and should take the test. Pluto in Virgo can also cause the spleen to get bigger or cause problems with white blood cells in the spleen. If a person has this placement, the spleen may need to be removed or it may grow back after surgery. He or she may also have long-term intestine problems like colitis or diverticulosis.