Sacral Chakra In Balance Or Out Of Balance?

sacral chakra

The second chakra, svadhistana, is located in the lower abdomen and inner pelvis and is related with the color orange. “Svadhisthana” means one’s own residence. The sacral chakra is represented as an orange flower with six petals surrounding its center. The circles associated with the petals of the lotus flower symbolize the cycles of birth, … Read more

Rhodonite History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

rhodonite benefits

Rhodonite is an opaque silicate mineral composed of manganese. Rhodonite is available in hues ranging from delicate pink to deep red. It is made of minerals such as calcite, iron, and magnesium and has a vitreous sheen. It occurs in ores or as spherical crystals with a triclinic crystal structure. Rhodonite signifies love and compassion. … Read more

Selenite History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

selenite benefits

Selenite is a form of the mineral gypsum. It is also available in desert rose, satin spar, and gypsum flower variations. Calcium sulfate dihydrate forms selenite, which is a monoclinic crystal. It is composed of pearlescent white hues and a clay-like consistency. Selenite is associated with clarity and awareness. Historical use of Selenite crystals With … Read more

The use of Lapis Lazuli in Religion

lapis lazuli religion

Since its discovery, lapis lazuli has been ascribed with a wide variety of meanings and connotations; nonetheless, its intrinsic divinity is perhaps the one that carries the most weight and significance. The stone’s whimsical coloring, which frequently resembled a starry night sky, undoubtedly conjured up an image of the heavens, which resulted in a long-standing … Read more

Lapis Lazuli History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

lapis lazuli benefits

Lapis Lazuli is categorized as a Metamorphic Rock. Composed primarily of lazurite, calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is frequently found in deep blue or violet hues, which contribute to the origin of its name. It was a favorite among artists who ground it for its pigment. It is renowned for fostering enlightenment and self-expression. … Read more

Amethyst History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

amethyst benefits

Amethyst is a purple quartz variation. It is part of the system of hexagonal crystals. Amethyst is a gemstone having a vitreous or glassy sheen. It frequently appears in violet and purple hues. Amethyst symbolizes spiritual healing, tranquility, and knowledge. Use of Amethyst in history Those who wish to know how to use amethyst for … Read more