The use of Lapis Lazuli in Religion

lapis lazuli religion

Since its discovery, lapis lazuli has been ascribed with a wide variety of meanings and connotations; nonetheless, its intrinsic divinity is perhaps the one that carries the most weight and significance. The stone’s whimsical coloring, which frequently resembled a starry night sky, undoubtedly conjured up an image of the heavens, which resulted in a long-standing … Read more

Lapis Lazuli History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

lapis lazuli benefits

Lapis Lazuli is categorized as a Metamorphic Rock. Composed primarily of lazurite, calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is frequently found in deep blue or violet hues, which contribute to the origin of its name. It was a favorite among artists who ground it for its pigment. It is renowned for fostering enlightenment and self-expression. … Read more