Lapis Lazuli History of Physical Mental and Spiritual Benefits

Lapis Lazuli is categorized as a Metamorphic Rock. Composed primarily of lazurite, calcite, sodalite, and pyrite. Lapis Lazuli is frequently found in deep blue or violet hues, which contribute to the origin of its name. It was a favorite among artists who ground it for its pigment. It is renowned for fostering enlightenment and self-expression.

History of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the pinnacle of all that we enjoy about the magical world of healing crystals, with a name that rolls off the tongue, a rich history with royalty and artists, and a deep blue tint that leaves the eyes wide-eyed with awe.

Lapis Lazuli, known as The Stone of Wisdom, was adored by the Ancient Egyptians and is frequently shown adorning Pharaohs, Queens, and Goddesses in paintings and scrolls. Not only was it used as a diamond at the time, but it was also pulverized into eyeshadow and elixirs. The gorgeous blue stone was one of Egypt’s most prized gems. It originated from the world’s oldest mines and was presented to those with the highest prestige. Few jewels in the world, from the sarcophagus to the breastplate of the high priest, were able to attain the status of lapis lazuli.

In Persian tradition and on the ancient beaches of South America, the stone was supposed to be the starry sky compressed into a brilliant diamond, possibly containing all of the universe’s wisdom. In Islam, it was chosen as a guardian against the evil eye, while Buddhists sought it out for its gentle healing energy, which eased the door to inner calm.

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Even as we entered the Middle Ages and landed on European soil, Lapis Lazuli retained its renowned beauty. Catherine the Great adored the deep blue colours so much that she had an entire room covered in lapis lazuli. Michelangelo reduced it to blue pigment powder to create a beautiful shade of blue that we can still see today when we look to the heavens while in the Sistine Chapel. What is it about Lapis Lazuli that captivates the intellect and stirs the spirit? Let’s explore deeply into its healing abilities and learn more about this entrancing stone’s magnificent blue hue.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is sourced from numerous remote locations, including the mystic recesses of Afghanistan, the ancient Roman coasts of Italy, the new worlds of the United States, and the vineyard-rich regions of Chile. With a name that precisely translates to Blue Stone in the ancient Latin language, the color of Lapis Lazuli is the first thing that catches the eye. It’s not surprising that Renaissance painters fell in love with this otherworldly poetic color, which is a dazzling, deep blue hue often flecked with gold and infused with violet hues. Lapis Lazuli possesses a plethora of healing capabilities and is renowned for disclosing profound inner truths, welcoming one into authenticity, and illuminating the magic of one’s own strong will. Here are all of the ways that Lapis Lazuli can assist you in living your greatest life and aligning with your true soul.

How Lapis Lazuli helps in physical well being

Simply looking at Lapis Lazuli will reduce your blood pressure. Its tranquil hues alter something inside you, purifying you from head to toe with grace. It is a wonderful immune system booster, especially if you have been feeling lethargic, depressed, or out of sync with life. Lapis Lazuli is not hesitant to aid in the treatment of depression, sleeplessness, and vertigo. It is a stone that entices you back to mental equilibrium, and this has a remarkable influence on maintaining our physical equilibrium.

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Lapis Lazuli is also anti-inflammatory and protective for the respiratory and nervous systems. It clears out issues with the throat and thyroid. If you have a sore throat, troubles with your vocal chords, or organ concerns, this stone will flush your system and keep you prospering.

How Lapis Lazuli helps in mental well being

Accept self-awareness and emerge from the shadows of repression when you add more Lapis Lazuli significance to your life. This healing crystal’s deep blue hues and golden pyrite specks serve as a reminder of your own value. It is an extraordinary stone for uncovering the self-knowledge that leads to authenticity and the ability to live one’s truth. Bringing the healing power of Lapis Lazuli into your daily life can be a full game-changer if you find it difficult to put yourself out there or if you’ve lost confidence.

Due to the fact that it is a stone that fosters self-expression and invites you to speak the truth, it is an excellent tool for strengthening connections and creating strong friendships with those who can serve your true self. One of the most important things we can do to improve our soul’s vibrations is to be able to tell our truth. It helps us stand true and strong in our own light, reduces pent-up irritation and rage, and makes us more resolute in choosing the appropriate routes (both large and small) for ourselves.

The truth can be difficult at times, but it is essential to uncover what is behind the surface. Yes, you may encounter restrictions, but you will also encounter amazing opportunities for growth and glory. The Lapis Lazuli gem serves as a reminder to not be fearful.

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How Lapis Lazuli helps in achieving Spiritual Growth

Lapis Lazuli’s transcendental hues suggest that this gemstone is inextricably linked to the spirit realms. Lapis Lazuli is obviously associated with the Third Eye Chakra. This chakra is known as the eye of consciousness, which perceives everything. As the sixth chakra, it is primarily motivated by knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and insight – essentially everything that helps us to unravel our various layers to reach our core. If you have a blockage in your Third Eye, you may find it difficult to focus, connect, and maintain your composure, especially while the outside world is in disarray. Stress, disease, and emotional distress can all impact the third eye chakra. When your Third Eye chakra is activated, you may be able to see further and use the dark blue lapis to access your latent psychic powers.

Lapis Lazuli is the stone that always takes you one step further, as it does not stop at your Third Eye Chakra but also considers your Throat Chakra. As previously said, it is a Stone of Wisdom, and communication is vital to that. When the Throat Chakra is blocked, you may have difficulty feeling heard or understood, or you may avoid confrontation and expression entirely. Using Lapis Lazuli to clear your throat and allow the truth to flow can provide you with the confidence, clarity, and ability to stand up for yourself that you may have been lacking.