11 Most Powerful Third Eye Chakra Crystals

The Third Eye Chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, between the two physical eyes. This chakra has been linked to the mind, imagination, and intuition.

When the third eye chakra is balanced and functioning properly, we have excellent intuition and psychic abilities like as telepathy and clairvoyance.

It is believed that the flow of subtle life energy or prana, which enters the body through the food we eat and the air we breathe, creates the chakra system of the human body.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that specific crystals and gemstones facilitate the absorption of this particular type of prana.
To activate the Third Eye chakra, a great deal of prana is required. Activating this chakra is the solar plexus. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located near the navel and is important for the absorption of prana (subtle life energy) from meals.

When our Third Eye Chakra receives more prana, we gain psychic abilities like as telepathy and clairvoyance. Third eye chakra crystals can help us with that.

This improvement in psychic powers is mostly attributable to an increase in prana flow, which can be attained by employing third eye crystals for chakra repair.

Crystals can aid in the process of opening and activating the third eye and play a significant role in your life!

Additionally, it resembles Shiva’s eye, which can aid strengthen the third eye chakra! You can utilize third eye chakra crystals to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

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This stone offers a gentle energy that might help you avoid stress and increase happy thoughts and emotions.

Angelite assists in removing all no longer beneficial bad energy and negative thoughts from your life. Additionally, it is said to facilitate communication with angels and other spiritual creatures.

This is one of the best third eye crystals!


Azeztulite symbolizes transformation and discovery, and is particularly potent while embarking on a spiritual journey!

It is said to aid with psychological protection. This can facilitate communication with a person’s spirit guides and guardian angel. This gemstone helps broaden your perspective, allowing you to see the wider picture in life and concentrate on what is essential!

This is an excellent option for third eye crystals!


Chiastolite is a stone that can assist in balancing the mind, enhancing intuition, and enhancing psychic powers. Your intuition is a sixth sense, comparable to the gut feeling you receive about something.

This stone will help you trust your intuition, live in the present, and make decisions based on your inner guidance!

Lapis Lazuli

It is a very potent stone that can assist you in achieving your objectives and enhancing your psychic talents. It can link you to your spirit guides and guardian angels.

Lapis Lazuli can help you connect with your higher self in the physical world in order to make the best decisions for your objectives and goals.

This is an excellent addition to your crystal collection for attracting an abundance of good fortune. It’s fantastic to help you stay motivated to achieve the goals you’ve always desired.

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If you wish to attract more abundance into your life, the Jade Crystal, often known as the stone of paradise, is an excellent choice!

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian can aid in aura purification and provide protection against negativity. You can use it if you are addicted to cigarettes, drugs, or anything else…

Obsidian possesses potent tools that can keep you grounded and optimistic about life. The external world can be packed with unexpected things, but this stone can help you see the big picture of life and eliminate any bad or toxic elements surrounding you!

This is one of the best third eye crystals!

Pink Tourmaline

This stone aids in the grounding of excess energy, and it can also be used for meditation. Pink Tourmaline is a highly quiet and relaxing stone that can help you achieve mental tranquility.

Since it is associated with the third eye chakra, this is one of the best stones; it promotes mental clarity and clarity of thought.


It can be used for meditation and to create relaxation, tranquility, and peace. Spiritual enlightenment is promoted by sugilite, allowing your intuition to guide you.

It draws energy from a higher spiritual power in order to induce calm and relaxation in the body. It relates to the sixth chakra, which represents the subconscious mind.

This stone can aid in the flow of your energy and guide you along your spiritual path!


This stone can transport you to other worlds and connect you to your spiritual side. Selenite is said to be particularly useful for detecting and eliminating any alien energy in the body.

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These uncommon crystals can help you reconnect with your inner world and serve as your life’s energy core. It is a common crystal used by healers and can help you gain a deeper insight of who you are and what you wish to become.

It is an excellent tool for attracting feminine energy during spiritual practice!


Chrysocolla can be used in conjunction with third eye meditation to connect with alien beings, or it can be worn during sleep to enhance psychic powers.

This stone promotes physical activity, fun, and saying “YES” to things you ordinarily would not! It is associated with the forehead chakra, which can facilitate psychic visions!

It also possesses the same energy as the sixth chakra, which enables you to comprehend your subconscious mind and acquire clarity on specific matters!


This stone has the ability to improve your intuition, as well as your communication with others and with spirits.

Opal can alleviate the symptoms of a blocked third eye chakra and stimulate mental clarity. Opals were utilized by the ancient Greeks to treat ailments and as a symbol of hope and divinity.

These are wonderful healing crystals that can aid your entire health! This is one of the best third eye stones.


It is a very calming stone; you can use it for third eye meditation or to induce deeper insight as you sleep. It attracts the sixth energy point to assist in emotional equilibrium across the entire body!

Peridot prevents bad energy from entering your life and maintains a balanced third eye chakra!