11 Most Powerful Heart Chakra Crystals For Instant Results

In this post we will delve into the different heart chakra crystals. In Sanskrit, “anahata” denotes uninjured, unstruck and unbeaten. It is the fourth main chakra and our core of self- and other-love, compassion, empathetic understanding, and forgiveness. The anahata chakra corresponds to unconditional love, compassion, and happiness. It is the source of great truths that cannot be articulated through language. Anahata is a bridge between the lower and upper chakras that connects the physical and spiritual.

The element air is related with Anahata. Air disperses and combines spiritual comprehension of love, compassion, and connectedness with all things encountered. Air, like love, permeates and surrounds us. We can embody this element by maintaining an open heart center and free-flowing love.

The color green is related with the anahata chakra, which represents transformation and love energy. The vibration of the chakras is reflected in the colors and symbols. When meditating on the energy of the chakras, the ancient rishis conceived the precise colors and symbols.

When the heart chakra is balanced, you will feel surrounded by love, compassion, and joy, as well as connected to the world. You will feel receptive to all of life’s experiences, and you will experience obstacles, particularly in relationships, flowing through you and being addressed with ease. A heart chakra that is open enables us to perceive all the beauty and love around us and to establish a genuine connection with ourselves, our loved ones, and the natural world. This chakra also helps direct love back to ourselves so that we may genuinely accept and adore our bodies and self.

In contrast, if the heart chakra is obstructed, you will experience the opposite, both physically and mentally.


This sparkling stone resonates with the heart as well as the second and third chakras. Labradorite’s powerful metaphysical characteristics make it ideal for grounding you and keeping you in touch with your intuition.

It can also assist you in releasing unpleasant emotions from the past, thereby restoring emotional balance and spiritual vitality. This particular stone is frequently employed by energy healers.

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This deep green stone resonates with the heart chakra and is also associated with new beginnings and begins anew. Malachite can aid in letting go of the past and becoming a better, happier individual.

It is only available in green, the hue of the heart chakra, making it extremely important for the healing of the fourth chakra and thymus gland.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone that connects with the heart chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. And can not only be used as heart chakra crystals but also as crystals for solar plexus and sacral chakra.

It can help you concentrate on your own wants and requirements, allowing you to become an independent person overall.

Tigers Eye interacts with the primary chakras to break destructive patterns and generates loving energy, thereby earning the moniker “stone of courage.”


This crystal, known as Aquamarine, is the hue of the water and has bluish ripples flowing through it. Some believe that the color of this crystal connects to the heart chakra as well as the throat chakra.

Rose Quartz

In times of difficulty, you will discover calm and compassion if your heart chakra is balanced. Rose Quartz is one of the most effective gems for treating emotional wounds.

Rose Quartz’s calming energy is great for use through difficult situations such as divorce, breakup, or loss. The energies of compassion, sustenance, kindness, calm, and pure, unconditional love are contained inside the light pink stone.

Rose Quartz is a soft pink crystal that resonates with warmth and affection. It embodies all of the characteristics of the heart chakra, including open-mindedness, compassion, love, and kindness.

Rose Quartz, being one of the best stones for the heart chakra and the center of love, is the stone of successful love because it attracts romantic love, new love, and unconditional love into your love life.

How to make use of Rose Quartz:

Wear Rose Quartz jewelry to experience its soothing energy throughout the day. Place Rose Quartz palm stones on the area of the heart chakra during therapeutic sessions.
During meditation and relaxation, hold Rose Quartz palm stones in your hands
Create a crystal grid with Rose Quartz to attract loving partnerships.

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Aventurine (Green)

Aventurine helps you experience life to the fullest by shifting your focus from the mind to the heart. Aventurine’s strong positive energy complements the energies of other healing gemstones. Additionally, it delivers protecting energies that support growth and blossoming.

This crystal is a vibrant shade of green that resonates with the heart chakra and third eye. It can help you become more conscious of your actions and words, so improving your self-esteem.

This gemstone can also help you make future decisions and choices. Despite the fact that these green stones are third eye chakra stones, they can provide personal power, good fortune, and increased self-esteem.

Aventurine can also assist us in releasing toxic relationships without resentment or hatred.

How to utilize Aventurine for heart chakra energization:

Use it combined with Amazonite in charm bags to attract good fortune and prosperity.
When you are overwhelmed by negative emotions, hold an Aventurine palm stone in your hand.
Place Aventurine palm stones on your heart chakra during times of relaxation or healing.


Purify and balance your heart chakra in order to attract more love into your life. Jade invites more love energy into your life and aids in the healing of heart issues. This heart chakra stimulant is considered the luckiest of all gemstones due to its energy of delivering success and abundance.

Jade offers both protecting and tension-relieving effects. Mayans, Aztecs, Maoris, and Chinese all believed that jade has potent therapeutic powers. Gold is valuable, but jade is irreplaceable, as the Chinese proverb goes.

How to employ Jade:

Exhibit Jade sculptures in your home Jade palm stones placed on the heart chakra
Put on Jade jewelry to bring love into your life.
Carry jade chips in your pocket.


Amazonite activates the Heart Chakra and inspires compassion. Amazonite’s rejuvenating vitality will assist you in achieving harmony in your relationships.

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Amazonite facilitates the awakening of one’s feeling of adventure. It is the connection between the heart and throat chakras. Amazonite, commonly known as the “Stone of Courage,” can aid in overcoming feelings of isolation. Its relaxing energy promotes relationship harmony.

When to utilize:

While trying to attract prosperity and new business chances, wear Amazonite jewelry.
Utilize the vitality of Amazonite by displaying it in your home or office.
Relax by placing Amazonite palm stones on the heart chakra


Amber is an excellent heart chakra crystal for anyone who has experienced loss and needs assistance with mourning and letting go.

Placing this stone on your physical heart will allow you to accept better love from others, whilst placing it over your third eye will allow you to get more love from yourself.

This is an excellent stone for letting go of previous wounds and negative energy in order to facilitate emotional and crystal healing.

Green Calcite

This stone can assist you in becoming more receptive to the beauty of life and the positivity that accompanies it. This crystal resonates with the heart chakra and can be used to clear and energize all chakras.

Green calcite is an essential stone in crystal treatment and the greatest approach to open a blocked heart chakra. The simplest approach to activate these green crystals is to wear them in the center of the chest, over the heart center, or in the heart area. Even your belly button will suffice.


This stone is renowned for its healing and protecting properties; placing it on your heart chakra can help you feel safe and comfortable within your own body.

It can also create a profound spiritual connection to the surrounding world. As one of the stones associated with the root chakra, turquoise can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the desired effect.

Being worn in the center of the chest or chest area activates the fourth chakra, while being worn around the lower belly activates the root and solar plexus chakras.