How The Planet Jupiter Can Affect Our Health

Most of the time, Jupiter is called “expanding.” In medical terms, Jupiterian expansion means eating too much and not being able to stop. Jupiter tends to make people who eat too much. Yenus is in charge of our sense of taste and how we react to different foods. People who are ruled by Jupiter may eat too many rich foods that are typically high in acid. Over time, uric acid builds up in the body, causing gout. Jupiter may also be swollen, growing in an odd way, or having too much of something.

Jupiter has subdominion over the liver, along with Virgo, which is in charge of how the liver is split up. When liver damage is obvious, a lack of choline and/or inositol could be to blame. This is because these two vitamins work together to make lecithin, which breaks down fats and gets rid of them so they don’t get stuck in the liver. Cirrhosis of the liver can be caused by not getting enough of either cholin or inositol. Some liver problems, like cirrhosis or hepatitis, may be helped by pangamic acid.

Jupiter is also in charge of the body’s fats. how they break down through the action of enzymes and how they should be used. Cholin is an important part of how fats are used and absorbed in the body. Inositol is also important for the proper breakdown of fats. 8-6 is another vitamin that helps break down fats so that the body can use them. Gemini is in charge of the body’s tubes, so if Jupiter is in Gemini, there could be a problem with the arterial ducts. If Jupiter is in Gemini and there isn’t enough vitamin 8-6 in the body, this could cause atherosclerosis, which is when fats or cholesterol build up in the arteries and make it hard for blood to flow.

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The “new” vitamin, pangamic acid, also helps prevent and treat atherosclerosis in many ways. Cholesterol levels are another thing that happens on Jupiter. The quantity of pangamic acid in the cells has some effect on cholesterol levels, and pangamic acid also helps control the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Manganese is also very important for figuring out how much cholesterol is in the body at any given time. This mineral is important for the metabolisms of fatty acids, cholesterol, and glucose, which are all related to Jupiter.
Jupiter has something to do with how carbohydrates are made and used. Astrological-medical research shows that people who have problems with sugar tend to have a hard-aspect Jupiter. This can be a sign of a possible lack of chromium, a mineral that helps make fatty acids and cholesterol and keeps arteries from hardening.
Zinc, which is in insulin, and the vitamin biotin are both important for the proper metabolism of carbs.

Uranus has long been thought to be in charge of zinc, but when you look at what zinc does and how Uranus acts, you can see that the two don’t go together. Uranus rules the central nervous system with Mercury. It can cause spasms, cramps, sudden jerking movements, or convulsive movements. Even a severe lack of zinc doesn’t cause these kinds of symptoms.
Since zinc is so important to the carbohydrate system, it is more likely that Jupiter is zinc’s ruling planet. Fertility is also related to zinc. Fertility is a Moon-related phenomenon, but it is still a physical effort to grow, which is Jupiter’s strong suit. Bone growth can also be slowed down by not getting enough zinc. Dwarfism is a problem caused by Saturn, but Jupiter helps the human body grow and get bigger. For now, it seems like Jupiter should be in charge of zinc. Once we know more about zinc and what it does in the body, the question of who should be in charge of this mineral may be answered.

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