How The Planet Saturn Can Affect Our Health

Any birth chart should have a close look at Saturn. Most illnesses that happen tend to be linked to this planet. For example, the sign Saturn is in when a person is born could show what organ, tissue, or part of the body is likely to be hypofunctional, or slow and not work as well as it should. If Saturn is found to be moving backward, that part of the body is more likely to stop working.

Satum’s movements can also point to health problems. It takes 28 years for the planet to make one full trip around the Sun. We “feei” its presence about once every seven years. Saturn’s main job seems to be to make problems or insights clearer, especially at the ages of multiples of seven.
During these important years of the Saturn cyde, people also tend to have medical problems, diseases, and illnesses that last for a long time, take a long time to develop, and then take a long time to heal or get better from.

The midlife crisis, which usually happens between the 42nd and 49th years, is one of the things that can be partly blamed on the transits of Satum. During this time, at about age 45, the agiog process takes place, which is another Satumruled phenomenon. Specifically, collagen breaks down and is destroyed. If a person gets sick at about the same time, it can be a very hard time. Their mental state may be so bad that they are less likely to get sick, and the illness may last for a long time.
With proper care and vitamin C, this crisis can be turned around. Vitamin C won’t keep you from getting sick, but medical research has shown that this vitamin is just as important as breathing. Specifically, vitamin C helps make collagen, which keeps cells the right size and shape so they can do their jobs and keep the body healthy. So, Saturn gives us long, healthy lives if we get enough vitamin C, watch what we eat, and don’t abuse our bodies.

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Since Saturn rules vitamin C, it also affects the amount of bioflavonoids in the body. Bioflavonoids’ main job is to help vitamin C do its job of keeping collagen healthy and capillaries flexible and permeable. I also think that vitamin K and vitamin C work together in a way that is beneficial. Saturn slows down or stops, and like its neighboring planet, vitamin K acts as a coagulant, starting the complicated process of making a protein web to catch red blood cells that are trying to escape from an open wound or an internal one. The vitamin slows down the flow of blood that, if it kept going, would kill the person. Also, it’s interesting to know that not getting enough vitamin C can cause bleeding because the collagen breaks down and the cells can’t hold their shapes.

Anything’s frame is the same thing as Saturn. It makes barriers, banks, enclosures, binds, bonds, gels, or glues. In medical terms, it controls the skin, bones, and muscles that make up our bodies. The bones hold the muscles in place, and the skin acts as a container.
Saturn rules calcium, fluorine, and sulfur because it is in charge of the bones in our bodies, which include our teeth and ears. We all know that our bones and teeth need enough calcium to stay strong so that our bodies can carry us around. Tooth decay and bone damage can also be stopped by getting the right amount of fluorine: Saturn’s ability to protect, stop, and block out is a good thing for keeping enough protective fluorine in the air. And sulfur has a big effect on the skeleton, the skin, the bones, and the cartilage of the body as a whole. Also, a lack of sulfur can cause arthritis, which is also ruled by Saturn, or it can hurt the hair and fingernails, which are also ruled by Saturn. Lastly, sulfur is involved in how proteins work in the body, and proteins are also Saturn’s business.

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The quality of one’s skin can also be affected by where Saturn is in one’s natal, progressed, or transiting chart.
In the same way that Saturn acts as a barrier, healthy skin acts as a barrier against the Sun’s ultraviolet rays, letting us tan instead of getting badly burned. If Venus, which rules vitamin E and is responsible for the beauty and elasticity of the skin, is in good relationship with Saturn, there should be plenty of PABA in the body.
But when Saturn is in a bad position, there can be a loss of PABA. This makes the skin more sensitive to the Sun’s rays, which can lead to changes in pigmentation and other skin problems. Also, if there isn’t enough PABA, the skin dries out, gets flaky, itchy, sore, and infected.