How The Planet Uranus Can Affect Our Health

Even though Mercury is in charge of the nervous system, Uranus is in charge of the impulses that jump from one nerve synapse to the next. People with strong Uranuses tend to give up or react more strongly to stress than others. So, they might be constantly on edge and unable to calm down. When we’re under a lot of stress, the Uranian part of our bodies can start to break down. These people need to learn how to relax through exercise, meditation, or some other form of biofeedback: calming the mind will calm the nerves that are screaming.

Depending on what sign it’s in in your birth chart, Uranus could be a sign that your body is in spasm. In other words, a spasm could happen in the tissue or part of the body that the sign controls. If Uranus is moving backward, the person is even more likely to have an unexpected hypo- or hypercondition at some point in his or her life.
This kind of aHment is usually caused by a physical, mental, or emotional shock or some other unexpected event, like surgery or an accident. Early testing, a physical checkup, and treatment can help ease the spasm. Uranus shows that any situation will come to a quick end and end quickly, so it gives the person hope that they will get better quickly and completely.

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