How The Planet Neptune Can Affect Our Health

Neptune is an important planet to think about when a doctor looks at a person’s birth chart. The planet seems to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Sometimes you see it and sometimes you don’t. It is vague, unclear, and hard to put your finger on. Because of these things, it is important to see if the planet is in the center of the natal chart. If it is, the problem may have been misdiagnosed at first, there may be wrong information about the diagnosis, there may be hidden symptoms that don’t point directly to the problem, or lab or test results may have been misread.

A strong Neptune may indicate a person who might be sensitive to drugs and should take a smaller dose of any medicine than usual.
Mars stands for strength, virility, tone, and energy. Neptune, on the other hand, stands for the opposite. Neptune may be to blame for a vague feeling of being tired or lethargic. Neptune can also be a sign of weakness and atony (flabby muscle tone). There is a chance that the organ, tissue, or part of the body that the sign rules will be generally weak or lazy.

Neptune has come home. That part of the body may be slow because it can’t handle as much physical, emotional, or mental stress as the rest of the body can. It needs to be cared for and fed well so that it can do what is expected of it. This planet is also in charge of the lymphatic system, pineal gland, thymus gland, and spleen. It also has to do with diseases and poisons in the body.

Pluto is in charge of stings and bites, but Neptune is in charge of anything that is mysterious, hard to explain, or confusing. So, it makes sense that Neptune rules the all-around pantothenic acid. This vitamin has been shown to reduce the side effects and toxicity of several streptomyces antibiotics, which are ruled by Neptune. Also, this vitamin feeds the adrenal glands and keeps us going. Without it, our adrenal glands slow down and we go through a New Guinean phase of exhaustion, which isn’t quite sleepiness but feels like it. The fact that Neptune is secretive and likes to be everywhere at once makes it an important ruler of pantothenk acid. It can be hard to tell when a lack of pantothenk acid is the cause of certain symptoms.

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Possible link between Neptune and cancer

Because laetrile is a mysterious substance, Neptune is a good choice to rule over it. All of these words describe laetrile: it has been smuggled, hidden, and sneaked across the Mexican-American border for 15 years so that Americans with cancer can use it. Laetrile is ruled by Neptune, so it will probably be years before we have a clear picture of what it does.
Laetrile works on cancer like one poison kills another, which is another reason why Neptune is the most likely ruler of laetrile. But because cancer was the biggest fear of the 20th century, I want to make it clear that my ideas about laetrile and cancer are just guesses, and there isn’t enough evidence to back them up as solid proof. A checkup with a doctor once a year is always a good idea. Anyone who thinks they might have cancer or who comes from a family with a history of cancer should see a doctor regularly, no matter what else they do. Even though there is a lot of disagreement about how cancer starts, a few things have been proven:

  • Cancer cells multiply quickly and out of control because of problems with enzymes or because of genetics.
  • Cancer cells need less oxygen to live.
  • People with cancer usually don’t have the enzyme rhodanese. Laetrile contains cyanide. When cyanide is injected into a body with cancer, there is no way to get rid of it.

Most cancer cells secrete a substance called glycoidase, and amygdalin is released when this happens. Which lets the cyanide out at the place where the cancer is, which kills the cancer cells. So, to put it simply, one poison kills another. It’s a way to fight fire with fire, which is a very Neptunian way to treat something.
I do not mean to imply, though, that cancer is caused by Neptune being in a bad position.

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I’m sure that it won’t be caused by a single planet or sign. I think cancer is a basic problem with genes or metabolism. The planet Pluto is in charge of how diseases change over time. And in some ways, cancer is like Pluto. Like Pluto, it can change a person completely, even from life to death. Like Pluto, it changes the structure of the cells slowly but irreversibly, until there are some cells that the body’s normal defenses can’t kill.

But it’s not true that Pluto is the only cause, and these similarities don’t mean that anyone with a Pluto in iII is going to get cancer. We also can’t say that Neptune makes people get cancer. Even saying that a certain shape is the cause of cancer is a very wrong way to describe the disease. Cancer is caused by different problems with the body, like a weak part of the body that breaks down when you don’t eat well. Cancer can affect any part of the body, so it can’t be caused by just one sign, planet, or aspect.

Instead, it’s probably because of what we eat. In the past, cancer didn’t happen very often, except in recent years. In the last 100 years, our diets have changed so much that our bodies’ metabolisms have become weak and unstable. When the enzymes, hormones, and other substances that keep our blood healthy and, in turn, our bodies alive become hypersensitive, the body will react more quickly to bad changes in diet. The human body is on the list of endangered species as long as we keep eating unhealthy foods like canned foods with nitrites, dyed meat products, white sugar, and too much salt, to name a few.

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People with cancer may have inherited vitamin or mineral deficiencies that make eating junk food even more dangerous. Cancer-like cell changes can happen when a family’s history shows that a weakness in one area, like a lack of vitamin C, was passed down from mother to child. For example, the child may develop allergy symptoms because his or her body needs more vitamin C than usual to stop the symptoms. With such a problem,

Because of their bad eating habits and genetic weaknesses, it’s not surprising that their bodies are literally falling apart. It is called cancer.
But if the Dur eat a balanced diet, their bodies probably won’t get worse. Then they will stay healthy and no cells will be out of shape.
To get rid of the disease, we need to get people to eat more whole foods. The doctors who treat laetrile also use healthy diets as part of the treatment.
They use healthy foods and other vitamins and minerals to help the body get healthy again.

Cancer is one disease that shows doctors that medicines don’t work. No drug ever made by people will be able to fight cancer well.
They may hide or kill the disease, but in doing so, they do a lot of damage to other sensitive parts of our bodies. We trade one killer for another, dying either of cancer or from the side effects of the drugs, radiation, or X-rays—not a very good choice. Yet, a simple vitamin with a shady past is now being shown to help some types of cancer. This is a huge step forward for people who believe that good nutrition, not drugs, is the key to good health.