How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Scorpio

Scorpio’s main job is to rule the colon. Dough it has other important main functions. It also rules the prostate gland and the reproductive system. A healthy colon is important for good health. Since the 20th century, people’s diets have become less roughage- and fiber-rich. This means that feces stick to the walls of our intestines. During enemas or high colonics, you can get rid of up to five to thirty pounds of old waste. This waste may have been stuck to your walls for five to fifteen years. It makes sense to think that the poisons in poop will be reabsorbed through the walls and put back into the bloodstream to infect the person again. Further, a toxemia may develop, which can damage organs, tissues, and bones over time. It can also change the quality of the blood, throw off the metabolism, and put stress on the heart as it works to pump the tainted blood.

A common saying among doctors and astrologers is that Scorpio is linked to diseases of the heart and lungs, thyroid, and eyes, which are the other signs in the Fixed Cross. In the end, this means that cataracts or glaucoma, back pain, or heart problems may be caused by a colon that isn’t working right. Sun in Scorpio, this position can be a sign of constipation, hemorrhoids, problems with the reproductive system, problems with the prostate gland, or bladder infections.

The planets in Scorpio

When the Moon is in Scorpio, it can mean problems with the genitourinary system, cystitis, or problems with reproduction as well as hemianeurysms. Mercury in Scorpio, this arrangement, there is a chance that the ureters, urethra, fauopian tubes, or testicles could hurt or get sick. There may also be menstrual bleeding and bladder pain or spasms.
Venus in Scorpio can cause diseases of the genitalia, bladder weakness, problems with the womb, and issues with the vaginal canal or ovaries. Mars in Scorpio, this placement can cause problems with the bladder, cystitis, hernias in the groin and scrotum, hemorrhoids, venereal ulcers, especially in the throat area, and pain in the bladder. There may also be problems with menstrual flow, ovaries, vaginitis, prostate enlargement, and prostate inflammation.

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Jupiter in Scorpio can cause vaginitis, piles, urinary and seminal problems, edema, tumors in the bladder or uterus, and abscesses of the urethra. Saturn in Scorpio can cause a number of health problems, including colon stasis, poor peristalsis, which can lead to constipation, and the buildup of feces on the walls of the large intestine. It can also cause toxemia, which can affect the thyroid, heart, throat, and back, bladder stones, a lack of urine, small or underdeveloped ovaries or testicles, problems during birth, and a small womb or tipped uterus.

Uranus in Scorpio can make the colon spasm, especially if there is emotional stress or sudden tension, which can lead to constipation and then diarrhea. This placement may also cause the thyroid to spasm, especially when the person is stressed. There may also be heart palpitations, pressure on the back vertebrae, and back problems. Neptune in Scorpio, with this arrangement, the colon could be weakened or peristalsis could be weak or slow. The walls of the colon could become caked with feces, which would be bad for the body. There can also be hypothyroidism, a weaker heart, a high number of white blood cells, and anemia. Weak female organs and a low number or quality of sperm. Pluto in Scorpio can cause tumors in the colon, long-term problems with the prostate, reproductive system, or colon, a bad heart condition, a weak thyroid, or back problems.