How The Planet Mars Can Affect Our Health

Mars is the activator and enhancer of all parts of our bodies. It is in charge of our muscles and adrenal glands. The SUIl, on the other hand, is our basic engine.
Mars is what keeps it going. It is the most important planet when it comes to how much energy we have.
Mars can tell us how active we are based on where it is in our birth charts.

For example, Mars in a fire sign can make people who are great athletes or very aggressive. These people may also be workaholics who need breaks between their bursts of activity. Mars in an air sign can give a person a lot of mental energy. These people may be “cerebra!” and seem to understand scientific theories or equations easily, but they need to watch out for mental exhaustion and problems with their nerves.

When Mars is in an earth sign, people often like to sit in overstuffed arm chairs for fun. And Mars seems to be the least happy in a water sign. They don’t have a lot of energy, so they have to watch how much they can do before they get too tired. Mars will help the medical astrologer figure out how much and what kind of exereise each person needs. This is because everyone needs exereise.

This planet is also a good way to measure how quickly people can get better after getting sick. It seems to work best in fire or air signs. In earth or water signs, it usually means that healing is taking a long time. When it comes to health problems, an active Mars can cause inflammation, a rapid rise in temperature, and the sudden start of illnesses. Depending on which sign it’s in, Mars can also show what may be hyperfunctioning. This means that part of the body, whether it’s a tissue, bone, or organ, is working quickly and may be overworking itself, making it wear out faster than other parts.

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Mars is in charge of blood, which means it can cause blood disorders like anemia. So, it is a natural way to measure vitamin B-12, folic acid, cobalt, copper, and iron, all of which are needed to make red blood cells. Especially if Mars makes a bad angle to either Jupiter or Saturn, vitamin B-12 may not be absorbed well. This is because vitamin B-12 is linked to the minerals cobalt, copper, and iron, which are needed for healthy red blood cells. Folic acid is also important for making red blood cells and making sure the body uses energy correctly. It is a vitamin that seems to stimulate everything around it, including better liver production, hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, cell division, and healthy flora in the digestive tract. Mars rules acids in general. It is an active planet that represents energy, and fatty acids play a direct role in giving the body the energy it needs to get up and go. And leave when we tell them to: Many times, high blood fat levels are linked to diabetes or heart disease.

Hypoglycemia or insulin imbalances can cause energy problems. Since chlorine helps keep the acid-base balance in the body, it makes sense that Mars would have control over this mineral. Also, chlorine usually combines with potassium, which is ruled by the Moon, or sodium, which is ruled by Mars and helps the body do many things.
Because chlorine is such an active element, it is responsible for the health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments, all of which are ruled by Mars. Chlorine Is a very active mineral, just like how Mars is always moving. It makes sure that the osmotic pressure inside and outside of the cells is always just right. But too much chlorine (or sodium) shows a typical bad Mars trait: unchecked aggression: too much of a good thing can be bad.

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Mars is also in charge of iron, phosphorus, molybdenum, and selenium. It controls phosphorus because that mineral is involved in so many bodily functions. Without this mineral’s influence, the brain won’t work at its best and nerves won’t be able to send messages. Also, the confidence that is usually associated with Mars is lower if there isn’t enough of this mineral. A person may be afraid to leave the house, which is a very un-Martian reaction. Selenium is active in the body, which is another way it is linked to Mars. Selenium is used to make red, orange, and yellow colors that look like they came from Mars.

Mars going backwards is probably the worst time for any kind of surgery. Mars going backwards could cause a lot of blood to be lost, bleeding that was not expected, or a mistake by the surgeon. Since Mars is the planet that rules surgeons, when this planet goes backwards, surgeons aren’t always at their most steady or reliable. Things will get in the way and people’s attention will be diverted. It’s not a good time to focus, especially if microsurgery is going to be done.