Who were the Aldebaran Maria Orsic talked about?

The Anunnaki-Ulema told us that some planets in our galaxy and in the Ash.Ta.Ri constellation are on a 33.33 degree line that acts as a “Ba’ab” (Gateway) to other galaxies and dimensions. Maria Orsic talked about this line that is 33.33 degrees.
Ash.Ta.Ri has millions and millions of stars and planets, and many of them are physical stargates, which the Anunnaki Ulema call “an opening on” multiple universes and dimensions. These include the astronomical bodies of the physical galaxies and celestial ones that escape time and space. Since time existed as another dimension outside the landscape of the physical universe, this is hard for humans to understand. Well, the Arabs called Alpha Tauri Aldebaran.
And the Anunnaki Ulema call Aldebaran Ash.Ta.Ri.

In Arabic, the word “Adbara” means “he left, moved away, traveled, or walked away.” And the correct definition of the word “Aldebaran” is NOT “whom he follows or the follower,” as Encyclopedia Britannica tragically says it is. And I can’t believe that Britannica has the wrong definition of Aldebaran!
Al Debaran or AlDaber means “he who moved away, left, or traveled,” and the Arabic verb “Adbara” means “to move away, leave, or travel.” “Adbara” is a word that everyone who speaks Arabic knows. Arab nomads and early tribes in the Middle East, including the Persian Gulf and the Arab Peninsula, used the verbs “Idbir” and “Adbar” in their spoken and written language. Aldebaran’s aliens are not the Anunnaki, but rather their children. So, Aldebaran is Ash.Ta.Ri, the constellation of the Anunnaki, and the home of the light-being aliens Maria told us about. But remember that the aliens on Aldebaran are not the Anunnaki. Instead, they are the Anunnaki’s children, who share the same galactic genes.
Yes, they both came to Phenicia, Mesopotamia, and the Anatolian plateau in Asia Minor (Turkey and Armenia) between 450,000 and 60,000 years ago. Aliens from the planet Aldebaran who came to Earth with the Anunnaki helped build civilizations in the Near East, Middle East, and Asia Minor. Ancient texts, slabs, and clay tablets from the Middle East, Near East, Phoenician Cosmogony, Sumero-Akkadian epics written in cuneiform, and the Bible all talk about these cities and the people who lived there.

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Maria Orsic was right when she said that people from Aldebaran built the cities of Sumeria, Babylon, Akkad, and so on. These people came from Aldebaran (Ash.Ta.Ri, Alpha Tauri).
Some authors and well-known hosts of TV shows about aliens have said that the Sumerian tablets say Nibiru is the planet of the Anunnaki and the ancient alien gods.
If this is true, then Maria Orsic is wrong about what she says! No! Maria was right, and they are wrong, because the Sumerian epics never mention Nibiru as the home planet of the Anunnaki. Those people need to learn Akkadian and Sumerian before they try to interpret epics written in languages they can’t read. Maria Orsic is right when she says that the Anunnaki (Anu.Na.Ki) and their children came to Earth from the Ash.Ta.Ri (Aldebaran) constellation.
Is there any mention of Nibiru as the Anunnaki planet in the “Epic of Creation” by Enuma Elish, the “Epic of Gilgamesh,” or any Akkadian or Sumerian clay tablets?
Nothing at all!
So, there is no proof at all that Nibiru “Ne.Be.Ru” is a planet inhabited by the Anunnaki, since Akkadian, Sumerian, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian texts make no mention of this.

The Akkadian and Sumerian scribes used the word Nibiru, or more accurately Ne.Be.Ru, to talk about Jupiter. Later, they used the word Nibiru to talk about Mercury.
Nibiru was the name of their god, the powerful Anunnaki Marduk. Is it true that Nibiru was also called a god, a star, and a divine being in Akkadian and Sumerian texts?
Correct. Because the word “Nibiru” has always begun with “Mul” and “d.”
Most of the time, these two prefixes were used in Akkadian and Sumerian cuneiform texts to describe something or someone as being divine.
So, when Nibiru is written as dNibiru or MulNibiru, we know right away that it is a god.
This was a rule for both Akkadian and Sumerian language.

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In one of their manuscripts from 95 or 96 B.C., the Anunnaki-Ulema explain what Nibiru means.
Ulema Ghandar says that Ne.Be.Ru means “The Lasting Energy” or “The Prime Implosion.” Maria Orsic said that Aldebaran is the planet of divine cosmic energy, and its people are beings of light. The clay tablets from Akkadian and Sumer are very hard to understand. In some parts of the texts, Ne.Be.Ru is called a star. In other parts, Ne.Be.Ru is not a planet but a crossing point that acts as a stargate or gateway. Elsewhere in the cuneiform texts, Ne.Be.Ru is a god, a dividing point or zone, Jupiter, Mercury, the Anunnaki god Marduk, and/or Marduk, Jupiter, and Mercury all in one! The Anunnaki and the Anunnaki Ulema knew that Aldebran (Ash.Ta.Ri) was their constellation and that Ne.Be.Ru was a doorway to other dimensions.
The Arabic words “Aldebaran” and “Abirun,” the Arabic verbs “Abara” and “Abra,” the Sumerian-Akkadian word “Ne.bi.rim,” and the Ana’kh/Ulemite words “Ashtari Aldebaran barazat Ne.Be.Ru” all mean, in essence, the same thing:
Aldebaran (The Constellation of Ashtari) is home to the aliens and Anunnaki of Maria Orsic Alderbaran.

Maria’s description of Aldebaran is the same as what Anunnaki Sinhar Ambar Anati told American scientists and government officials about Ash.Ta.Ri, which we have on record.
It is also like what the alien woman Riyah told American generals, linguists, and scientists in 1947 about other livable planets in the Aldebaran constellation and other constellations.
The “1947-1948 Aliens Transcripts,” the “Mouzakarat Sinhar Marduk,” the “Book of Ramadosh,” and the “Kitabu Ilmu Al Donia” all have descriptions of the three aliens that can be compared. People who live on planets close to each other have very different cultures, but they are all very advanced and share one thing that is typical of their climates: A shield that protects their atmosphere from pollution. It is the Ozone on Earth.

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In the solar system of Aldebaran, there are two small planets with life and people who look like us. They have changed very slowly, and other civilizations in the galaxy look down on them because they eat meat and fight. Some even call them “savages.”
At the very edge of their solar system, there are four planets that are very different from where they live. None of them have an atmosphere, so they are very different. They are cold and full of germs.

And the people who live there don’t look like us. In fact, they will scare us to death because some of them look like machines and others like huge insects and reptiles.
Other cultures know they exist, but they stay away from them because they are hostile and very aggressive. They are part of the forces of darkness.
Maria and Sinhar Anati talked about the 9 planets and 13 moons that made up the Lyran system. The Lyrans, the Aldebarans, and the Anunnaki get along great.
The extraterrestrials of Aldebaran are the children of a higher race called the Anunnaki, who came to Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago and started the first civilizations there. Some of them lived on Earth for a long time, but in the end they went back to Aldebaran. Some people got stuck on Earth and couldn’t get back home. So, over time, they lost their alien genes and started to look more like humans.
Still, they were very advanced and made many amazing things on Earth.