Swastika The Ancient Bronze Age Symbol Misused By Nazi Germany

how nazis used swastika

From the Bronze Age onward, the swastika was a common symbol that was used on all kinds of things. The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit words su (which means “good” in Greek), asti (which means “to be” in Greek), and the suffix ka. The word for “good luck” in Sanskrit and Tibetan is “Swasti,” … Read more

How Blavatsky’s Works Influenced National Socialism And anti-Semitism

blavatsky nationalism anti semitism

It’s important to remember that Blavatsky’s works seem to be the result of a lot of research and were very convincing when they were written. Through the writings of von List, von Sebottendorff, and von Liebenfels, we can find that many later Nazi projects were based on ideas that Blavatsky first spread. A caste system … Read more

Who were the Aldebaran Maria Orsic talked about?

aldebaran maria orsic

The Anunnaki-Ulema told us that some planets in our galaxy and in the Ash.Ta.Ri constellation are on a 33.33 degree line that acts as a “Ba’ab” (Gateway) to other galaxies and dimensions. Maria Orsic talked about this line that is 33.33 degrees. Ash.Ta.Ri has millions and millions of stars and planets, and many of them … Read more