Was Many P Hall Murdered And Who Murdered Him?

Given that the three con-artists in question skilfully concocted my own mortality from this planet—that is, in relation with or soon after the death of my husband—I’d want to describe why I think, in fact know, that Manly died of violent causes on August 28, 1990. Was Manly P Hall murdered?

Obviously, scam artists who claim to care for and cure the elderly have deadly goals in the first place, even if they are adept at concealing their tracks with false pretenses. The three con artists in this case were able to do so for three years while posing as “Godsends” to us.

Hopefully, God will return them according to their desert for their own sake. Despite the fact that the police may not be able to convict them of murder without a confession, proven fraud and grand theft charges easily support my conviction: the perpetrators were just served with summonses from the Superior Court of California.

Manly’s last vacation trip

For a brief digression from the topic, our fateful vacation began on August 26th, 1990, which is strange to say the least. It’s the 52nd anniversary of my discovery of the original Bruton Church foundations and the discovery of Bruton Vault in Williamsburg, Virginia, in the summer and fall of 1938. I was obliged to do so without permission at the time, regardless of the fact that the Rockefeller Restoration of Williamsburg, Virginia, had dug for me and paid for it under the current or incorrect church. (For more information, see Foundations Unearthed)
But, back to the fateful vacation trip: On August 26th, 1990, we my husband, myself, Fritz (a reputed therapist), and his son left in an R.V. that my husband’s company had provided to him. We planned to stay in Halcyon, a small town near Arroyo Grande where my daughter and her family live, for a week or ten days. Our potential destination is within walking distance of their home.

We had been invited and had made plans with the people in charge of Halcyon’s Temple of the People. Surprisingly, the name has the same meaning as The Church of the People, which is a part of my husband’s organization, the Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles (PRS). For an even stranger coincidence, if there is such a thing, I was born in a little German town called Leutkirch, which translates to “People’s Church.”

But, to get to the issue, I was shocked to see Daniel Fritz, the major con-man in question, had hitched a large metal trailer carrying his automobile to the oversized R.V. when we left our home in Los Angeles on Sunday morning, August 26. David, his son, followed in a newly purchased Jeep. I told Fritz that the added weight of the trailer and car could easily overheat the R.V.’s engine, and I asked why he couldn’t just hook his car up to the R.V. without the trailer.

I can see how the situation was meticulously planned as an excuse for my partner to never arrive at our location. Fritz, on the other hand, has taken the RV on extended journeys to Carmel and Rogue River, Oregon, without a trailer or the “difficulties” that it would have produced.

Fritz pulled to the side of the street as we approached Santa Barbara, about 89 miles south of our goal, stating the motor was “getting hot,” despite the fact that no one observed any signs of it. We were oblivious of the scoundrel’s pre-planned schemes because we still trusted him. It was a Sunday, and the R.V. needed to go to the mechanic, so I insisted on driving back to Los Angeles, which we did.

My husband and I had bronchial congestion, that really should have been treated by our general physician, Dr. Pollock, so I was hesitant to depart for the vacation in the first place. Fritz, on the other hand, was against it, as he was against all legal medical therapy. He claimed that “new air” would be better for Manly and myself(?).

The next morning, August 27, Fritz and David arrived at the home early to prepare to return to Santa Barbara and the R.V., when I informed all three of them—my husband, Fritz, and his son—that I would not be going and that we should instead see Doctor Pollock and have him prescribe antibiotics. Fritz’s “fresh air” remark was well-intentioned, but I thought his judgment was poor.

Manly was still in bed when I told them all that, despite their strange medicines and bizarre treatments, it appeared to me that Manly was not getting any better lately, that he was becoming overly reliant on their irrational methods and ways, and that he was acting strangely frightened after Fritz and his gang had left the house. In front of my husband, I told Fritz that there would have to be a “showdown” between him, Manly’s methods, and myself.

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Manly pleaded with me after this ostensibly open argument—as he often did when Fritz was not present—so that I was perpetually “sandwiched” between Manly’s fearful attitude “not to rock the boat” and Fritz’s presence. Manly argued at the time that he had been looking forward to this holiday and hoped we would be on our way soon.

With three people against one, I had no choice but to give in. So, on the second day, August 27, we returned to the R.V. and drove to the top side of Santa Barbara, where Fritz said that the R.V. was still heating up, despite no trace of it being seen by anyone else. Fritz came to the conclusion that we wouldn’t be able to make it to our destination that day. I didn’t have much faith in the scoundrel at the time. But with three men and a dog in the R.V., I knew I couldn’t spend the night there. Fritz recommended that David take me up to my daughter’s place, some 75 miles north, and then back to the RV. On August 27, 1990, I spent the night at my daughter’s place.

Fritz and David, in a premeditated legal conspiracy with Mogins Brandt, the most sinister of them, assassinated my husband Manly Palmer Hall the following day, August 28, 1990, near late evening, in my estimation. They did it most likely by suffocating me on the one and only night they could get me away from Manly and make it sound and appear “natural.”

Brandt had prepared and presented the “legal” or rather unlawful lie three days before we embarked on this fateful vacation excursion, which we were unaware of at the time. Brandt was entirely entrusted with the PRS and the Veritat Foundation’s finances, as well as my husband’s and my personal finances.

He had manipulated the signature of an arraignment of papers by my husband and myself through forgery and misrepresentation, and I had been induced to sign it hastily on the basis of his false pretenses. When I told the dubious lawyer Brandt brought there that I thought husbands and wives did these things together, they explained that they had Manly sign his paperwork first because the PRS was involved, and that I needed to sign mine because the Veritat Foundation was involved.

After we returned home from our trip, Brandt said that a “living trust” would be established based on this information, and that they would explain it to me later. This happened three days before we left on our fateful trip. They were attempting to set me up.

Fritz stated he was calling from the R.V. on August 28 around noon. He dialed my number from my daughter’s house. He stated Manly was fine and sound asleep, despite the fact that they had discovered that the RV could not be repaired and that they would be unable to travel to Arroyo Grande that day, August 28. I objected and ordered that Fritz immediately inquire as to whether Manly would like to return to Los Angeles and sleep in his own bed.

Jo Ann, my daughter, offered to drive me down to Santa Barbara and leave with me in the car. Fritz returned and said he’d take Manly home the next morning, August 29, and call us when they got there.

I am confident that Manly was still alive at midday on August 28, 1990, but that he was slain later that evening or night. Everything appeared to be fine at the time of this talk with Fritz. Fritz was aware that my daughter and I had discussed going grocery shopping in Arroyo Grande. He advised us to go ahead and do it right now. He promised to call me as soon as they returned to Los Angeles. Jo Ann and I went shopping on August 28 in the early evening. We opted to go to bed early, around 7:00 p.m., in order to have a head start the next morning for our three-and-a-half-hour drive, which required us to get up at 5:30 a.m.

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Wife believes Manly P Hall was murdered

Manly, I now believe, died in the late night of August 28 at the hands of Fritz and David. I’m not sure what time it was because I had slept for a few hours (waking up between 9:00 P.M. and midnight on the 28th). It was late at night when I awoke wide awake, sitting up in bed, startled. Because I heard a lot of heavy breathing that went on for a long time. I knew that wasn’t my breath, so I made sure I held it and waited for the labored heavy breathing to continue.

Manly was suffering from a bronchial ailment. I immediately assumed he was suffering from a panic attack. I was concerned and wanted I could be there to assist and console him. Then, all of a sudden, the heavy breathing came to a halt, replaced by a long, high wheeze. Manly seemed to have gotten over whatever it was, and I was relieved. At the moment, when my husband and I were looking forward to a much-needed vacation with family and friends, the thought of violent death and betrayal could not possible have crossed our minds.

Now I’m certain Manly took his last breath at that very time. This was the first time something like this had happened to me. It happened only after Fritz and his associates had carried out their homicidal plan. Despite the fact that Fritz called me in Arroyo Grande on August 28 to say they had arrived safely in Los Angeles, Fritz and his wayward son had transported Manly’s body back home on August 28. He said Manly was relieved to be back home, that he was sound sleeping, and that he would remain with him that night so he wouldn’t be alone. Fritz failed to inform me that he had returned with Manly’s body and that we would never see him alive again.

Fritz and his son most certainly drove Manly’s body back to Los Angeles in the late evening of August 28th. For the planned voyage from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles, they had to keep it dressed in a suit. They most likely left his body in the car over night. It must be linked to it in some way, because they hired expert carpet cleaners after bringing the body inside the house in the early hours of Wednesday, August 29.

It could also explain why, when my friend DeDe surprised Fritz and members of his gang at 7:00 p.m. on August 28, he drove away instantly. She’d come to water the plants in the garden while we were away. Before telling DeDe that my husband had died in his sleep on the night of the 28th, Fritz had to make sure the car was out of sight.

For murder, through a phony “living trust”? The scoundrels have everything in place for their own personal gain. They had estimated incorrectly that with my husband out of the way, it would be simple to get rid of me in some way.

Meanwhile, our long-time neighbor Arthur Applebaum seen Fritz’s car pull into our driveway at 9:00 a.m. on his way to work on August 28th. Manly, who regularly greeted Mr. Applebaum, did not move and “looked like a zombie,” according to Mr. Applebaum’s wife. Fritz and Brandt had made the decision to have my husband cremated at Forest Lawn without consulting me.

Fritz called us in Arroyo Grande between 5 and 6 a.m. on August 29th to tell us that Manly had died in his sleep during the night.

He said that Manly got out of bed at three a.m. and returned alone to his bed, and that when he, Fritz, touched Manly’s hands at five a.m., they were ice-cold. Dr. Pollock denied this, claiming that it was impossible because the body takes 10 to 12 hours to cool down.

Fritz’s news to us on the morning of the 29th in Arroyo Grande was, understandably, shocking. The three-and-a-half-hour drive back to L.A. was a nightmare.

Manly’s body was on a stretcher in front of the fire place in the living room when Jo Ann and I returned home in L.A. about ten thirty a.m., and two Forest Lawn employees were waiting to take the body away. My husband’s cremation had been ordered by Fritz and Brandt without consulting me at all. While Manly’s body was still in the house when Jo Ann and I arrived, professional carpet cleaners were working noisily in Manly’s bedroom and hallway.

My husband’s entirely unexpected and untimely departure, as well as the stunning discovery of foul play and betrayal by a trio of hypocrites who had invaded our home, left me bewildered and torn inside. For more than three years, we had trusted them and their deceptions, thefts, and hypocrisies.

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Dr. Pollock was summoned about 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, August 29th, to issue a death certificate, which he afterwards recalled and canceled. Dr. Pollock will give his own opinion and account.

Meanwhile, the thiefish trio had broken into my husband’s bedroom and stolen the contents of two large closets and two large dressers, including his entire wardrobe, a large number of stamp albums from his collection, and other belongings, as well as two valuable Tibetan Tankas that had been removed from the wall.

Death certificate and autopsy

Dr. Pollock was contacted by the offenders to provide a death certificate at 7:30 a.m. on August 29th. Dr. Pollock then revoked the death certificate since Daniel Fritz’s statement contained multiple basic inconsistencies.

I called Forest Lawn to see if Manly’s body had been cremated a few days later, after I had regained my calm. Fortunately, Labor Day had come along to save the day. Even though I was still unaware of Brandt’s nefarious role in the heinous crime—he had ordered the body to be embalmed in order to prevent the crime from being discovered—I simply halted the cremation and demanded an autopsy.

The initial autopsy was revealed to be a fraud with unlawful implications, most likely due to Manly’s age and the likelihood of premature cremation. We had to pay over $12,000 for a second autopsy by a reputable and trustworthy expert. The circumstance is a fascinating tale in and of itself, as are the findings.

Fritz also gave himself out in various ways when it came to the timing of the trio’s homicidal plans. Before we departed on the tragic trip, for example, I had asked a friend, DeDe Whiteside, to water the garden while we were gone. DeDe arrived in the garden at 7:00 p.m. on August 28 and discovered Fritz and his gang seated around the dining room table. When they saw her through the glass doors, they were taken aback. The suspects fled in different directions when they saw DeDe, according to DeDe’s report.

Fritz came later that evening, the 28th, to inform DeDe that Manly had died in his sleep during the night. Naturally, she was taken aback and stunned. She inquired as to how and when he died. Fritz countered that it was irrelevant. When DeDe inquired about the time again, Fritz became irritated and said, “He was dead before you came.” It was the 28th of August. Meanwhile, Fritz said that Manly died between three and five a.m. on August 29th.

Other evident inconsistencies can be found in these violent narratives. The most dishonest and diabolical of them all, Brandt, was exposed when his legal death manipulation was revealed in two phony “living trusts” that both my husband and I were meant to have signed three days before the homicidal voyage began.

Helen James, my lawyer, has numerous documents relating to fraud, grand theft, and a murder inquiry. The Superior Court of California issued a restraining order against all of the perpetrators. All of them have received summons.

I believe that during the last three months of Manly’s life, Fritz and his associates purposefully intensified their nefarious plans, causing Manly to become visibly feeble and afraid for reasons I now understand.

Though in their blinded hearts and perverted minds, they would not only gain millions of dollars to spend as they pleased, but they would also be able to discredit and soil my husband’s and my own idealistically realistic lifetime endeavors represented through the PRS and the Veritat Foundation in an insidiously satanic way.

This includes not only millions of dollars, but also a private library with precious manuscripts and art treasures that is open to the public. In addition to my personal 52 years of hard work and dedication, as well as several publications exposing true New Age principles and preparations for world and family enlightenment, which is about to become a factual and much-needed practical reality.

For this is the time when all secrets, whether white, black, or gray, will be unveiled. It appears that God created males (the masculine gender) to keep secrets. Then he changed his mind and created woman to expose both man-made and divine mysteries. (See M.B.H.’s unpublished book, Virgin Mother of the Cosmic Masculine Trinity Creator and the Mystery of the Virgin Soul)