Is The Bible and Christianity Based On Sunworship or Solar Worship?

The Bible is a very mysterious book. Few people seem to understand what it’s really about. Each scholar and interpreter has a different point of view, and often one theory goes against another. One thing is clear: Judeo-Christian beliefs are at the root of some of the most disgusting, violent, and illegal things you can think of. When we finally realize that what the Bible says is not history, it makes it much easier to understand. The bible’s stories and legends have been presented to the public as a people’s history, but they are not history in the true sense of the word. This doesn’t make the information wrong, but it does put it in the right place so that it makes more sense.

Recurring stories to stress fear and obedience

There are a lot of recurring themes in the old stories. One of the most common refrains is that a new world will be built on the ashes of the old one. In the different stories, there is proof of guilt and, of course, fear of the Lord. Fear of the world is also there. There is a fear of going extinct and a strong desire to build a better world than the one that existed when people disobeyed God and had to go through a lot of pain because of it. So, the different morality stories in the Old and New Testaments stress obedience and living right, as well as the consequences of not obeying and being sinful. The stories that were passed down with these kinds of warnings were changed over and over to make the theme of virtue stand out even more. The important thing was this addition, not whether it was true or related to history. So, when clerics, pastors, priests, and dishonest “experts” try to convince us that these stories are true, we must respond with facts and the evidence that is now coming out from writers and researchers who are smart and perceptive enough to tell us the truth.

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Ancient Solar Theology

We still say that Judaism and Christianity are nothing but a twisted version of ancient solar theology. It comes from the ancient study of stars. Astrology is what the Bible is about. This Gnosis was kept by the oldest Druids, but it later fell into the hands of those men who wanted to take full control of the world after the flood that had been reborn from the waters of chaos.
The evidence for our claim that the Bible is a rewrite and relic of solar theocracy is right in front of us.
After all, there is a reason why the word “soul” comes from the word “sol,” which means “sun,” and why the first king of the Israelites was named “Saul” (Sol), and why the famous Temple of “Solomon” was named after a wise Jewish king whose name meant “sun and moon.”
Since the beginning of Christianity, how the sun of god moved and where it was was the most important thing. On June 21, the day of the summer solstice, 2,048 presbyters, deacons, sub-deacons, acolytes, and exorcists met at Nicea to decide what Christianity was, what it would be, what writings would be used, and who would be its god. This council was set up by the tyrant Constantine, and he was in charge of it the whole time.
Constantine was the leader of the Sol Invicta Cult for his whole life. Like the Atonists of Egypt, the people who belonged to this order thought that the emperor was the sun coming to life.
So it wasn’t a mistake or a coincidence that Emperor Constantine planned his great Council of Nicea to start a new state religion on the day when the sun is highest in the sky, a day that sun-worshippers, solar cults, and priests have been honoring since the beginning of recorded history.

Sun sacrifices itself to make life possible

And what is it that the sun does that is so important? It gives off its own life force to keep the Earth and everything that lives on it alive. It shines its light down to make this life happen. Light has become the most important metaphor for knowledge and understanding, as well as a symbol for sacrifice, rebirth, and perfection in the minds of men.
Man wakes up from sleep when the first rays of light come out in the morning, and he also rises (“Aries”) to higher knowledge through the light. Men who knew things were bright. The sun was their sign. Their friends were a brotherhood of light, and when they woke up, they brought enlightenment with them. Darkness is a symbol of not knowing things and getting drunk. So light, in a way, is like a weapon that should be respected and used correctly. In occult circles, the people who used it and wielded it were called “Lucifers.” They were Apollonians who created and gave light. They were the sons of the golden morning or dawn, the sons of the sun. They were called the Princes of Light. Ireland and Egypt were where the first brotherhoods of the sun were found. Priests of Amen Ra, one of Egypt’s oldest gods, built most of the temples in Heliopolis, Giza, Memphis, and Thebes. During the 18th dynasty, many of these temples were rededicated to the god Aton. Aton’s sign was a disk of the sun with 14 rays coming out of it.
The Bible talks a lot about light, the sun, and the signs of the zodiac.

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Various different references to the sun

The twelve signs of the zodiac are all around the ecliptic, which is the path in the sky that the sun (light) follows over the course of a year. The English word for day comes from the word for god (deus, dios, dio, etc.). This is why the many cardinals in Rome, who are closest to the father pope, wear bright crimson clothes. They show how the brightness and shine of the sun shines on the constellations. The sun god, Adon or Aton, is also where words like “mistress” or “mister” and “Dona” or “Don” come from. Some parts of the Bible clearly talk about the physical sun, while other parts are less clear. With a little bit of work on our symbolic literacy, we can start to understand what even the most confusing passages are really about.
Here are a few examples of references to light that add a lot of proof to our main point. The reader is told to look for more like these and decide for himself or herself if it is a solar theology or a biography of the actions of historical figures.
The Luciferian enclaves of the world, the secret societies based on merit.

Worship of the light is found in almost every culture

Also, use the sun as a symbol and the idea that light is knowledge often. They honor and observe the ritually important days on the solar calendar. On certain dates, they hold secret meetings and pass on their secret knowledge. “Princes of the Light” is what well-known Masonic initiates call themselves. We think that both they and their lodges are bad copies of the sun temples of the ancient world. Their use of both Druidic and Egyptian symbols proves this beyond a doubt. Because Masons have a strange way of thinking about religion, most of the world’s religions are welcome in their lodges. People respect and see no difference between the three main religions. We say, “Of course, that’s the case.” It happens because these masonic insiders know something that regular people aren’t supposed to know: that religion is a solar theology and that the Sun Cult’s chief hierophant and tutelary icon was not Moses, David, or Solomon, but Akhenaton, the Aton-worshipping Pharaoh of Light (or “Lucifer”).
But Christianity and Judaism aren’t the only faiths that swear to the love for light. This pattern can be found all over the world, from Ireland to Japan. Almost every religious text has themes about the sun. Christianity is not a new idea. And let’s not forget that before Constantine, the day of worship was on a different day. Let’s not forget that Christians were told to praise their gods of light in their temples and churches on Sunday.

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