How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Aries

Aries is in charge of the head as a whole, especially the motor centers of the brain and how blood flows through the skull. People say that the way Aries acts is a sign of epilepsy and sleeping sickness (encephalitis), which can happen when a virus infects the brain.
Aries is also linked to brain inflammation, which can cause delirium, frenzy, vertigo, dizziness, sharp pains along a nerve in the head, and congestion. People with planets in Aries may have frequent headaches due to clogged or slow-moving kidneys in Libra, which have a reflex action on the head, digestive problems in Cancer that cause headaches, and slow-moving gallbladders in Capricorn, which are all Cardinal Cross diseases. Some Aries have skin problems that show up on the head or face, and some are also bald.
Aries can also make you sick with different kinds of toxemia. By causing the kidneys to react in a certain way, toxemia can cause skin problems that are usually caused by a bad diet. Uremic toxemia can also happen to women who are pregnant. Toxemia can also get into the blood in a more subtle and sneaky way and cause a lot of trouble in many ways.

Sun in Aries

This placement could cause an abnormal amount of blood to pool in the brain, which could lead to headaches, brain fevers, cerebral meningitis, sunstrokes or heatstrokes (apoplexy), or the inability to speak properly or loss of verbal comprehension (aphasia). There is also a chance that the sodium-potassium exchange is out of whack, with too much sodium causing weight gain and swelling. Acidosis is also more likely in Ades people because they eat a lot of acid-rich meat. So, the trade between add and alklaine may not be fair, especially if Libra is involved.
Acidosis can also make you feel tense and give you a headache.

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Moon in Aries

Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and the sac that holds the eyes is ruled by Cancer, having the Moon in Aries could make your eyesight worse and cause eye strain. Emotional stress and tension can also cause migraine headaches. And a lack of potassium (Moon) in the body can make it hard to sleep.

Mercury is in the sign of Aries.

This arrangement could cause headaches from stress or tension in the nerves. A lack of proper nerve synapse release can also cause brain disorders, such as problems with muscle coordination or speech/thought problems.
Also, the nerves can cause neuralgia, which is a pain that shoots through the head. There is also a chance of getting Bell’s palsy, in which nerves become inflamed and paralysis sets in. There is also a chance of getting vertigo or going crazy.

Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries could cause a buildup of mucus in the head and nose. Head and face eczema and gastric headaches can also be caused by eating too many carbs or other rieh foods.

Mars in Aries

This placement can cause severe head pain, rupture of the blood vessels in the brain, stroke, extreme restlessness, head and face injuries, cuts, wounds, or surgery, brain congestion, and headaches.

Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Aries can cause too much blood in the head, which can put pressure on the blood vessels. There is also a chance of aneurysms if the veins and/or arteries do not stay flexible and elastic.

Saturn in Aries

With this position, the head may not get enough blood or it may not get enough blood to the ears, which can cause earaches and deafness. Saturn in Aries ean also mean a lack of blood flow to the brain, which can cause apathy, listlessness, or dullness.

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Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries can cause sharp, shooting aches in the head, sudden migraine, pain in the eyes, or spastic constriction of the blood vessels in the eyes. Albuminuria could be caused by spasms in the kidneys that are a reaction to Libra.

Neptune in Aries

This placement could mean that the adrenal glands aren’t working as well, that mucus builds up in the head, which can lead to mental fatigue, allergies that affect the sinuses, and weaker kidney function as a reflex to Ubra. There may be weak blood vessels in the brain that can’t handle high blood pressure. If this is the case, a stroke may happen.

Pluto in the sign of Aries

Since Aries rules the area of the head where the pituitary gland is, and since Aries is ruled by Mars, which in turn rules the adrenals, there could be a problem with the pituitary hormones that directly affects the adrenal glands.
Depending on how Pluto interacts with other planets, the adrenal glands can be slow, low- or high-energy. Aneurysms could also happen in the head area.