Nazi Expeditions To Iceland, Antarctica and Tibet In Search Of The Home Of The Aryan Race

Schwabenland antarctica nazi

The Nazis went on trips to Iceland, Antarctica, and Tibet, and this is known from history (the Tibetan expeditions can be found here). Since the end of the war, though, there has been a lot of discussion about what the real reasons were for these expeditions. We’ve already said that Guido von List, Jorg Lanz … Read more

The Ahnenerbe’s Nazi Expeditions To Tibet

Ahnenerbe trips to tibet

Under Haushofer’s influence, Hitler gave Frederick Hielscher permission in 1935 to set up the Ahnenerbe (Bureau for the Study of Ancestral Heritage), which was led by Colonel Wolfram von Sievers. Hitler told it to study Germanic runes, find out where the swastika came from, and find out where the Aryan race came from, among other … Read more