The Rise Of The Germanenorden And The Creation Of Thule Society


In May 1912, there was a meeting at the home of Theodor Fritsch in Leipzig. About twenty well-known Pan-Germans and anti-Semites were at this meeting. Their goal was to start two groups to warn Germans about the dangers that they thought Jews in business and finance posed to small businesses. The Reichshammerbund and the Germanenorden … Read more

Nazi Expeditions To Iceland, Antarctica and Tibet In Search Of The Home Of The Aryan Race

Schwabenland antarctica nazi

The Nazis went on trips to Iceland, Antarctica, and Tibet, and this is known from history (the Tibetan expeditions can be found here). Since the end of the war, though, there has been a lot of discussion about what the real reasons were for these expeditions. We’ve already said that Guido von List, Jorg Lanz … Read more