How The Planet Mercury Can Affect Our Health

Since Mercury rules the nervous system, its position in a birth chart can show how a person thinks, and having a fixed way of thinking can put stress on the body.
Even though a troubled Mercury doesn’t usually cause mental exhaustion, it can be very hard on the nervous system, which can lead to nervousness, tension, and an inability to relax.
People like this need to learn how to control their worry and only let themselves worry when they haven’t done everything they can to change the outcome. The right attitudes are important for our health, and if we don’t handle our emotions well, they can make us sick. If we don’t handle them well, they can make us sick.

Mercury might also be seen as a kind of traffic director affecting how our bodies move in different ways. It is a message from the gods.

Furthermare is also the messenger of the nervous system, sending commands to every part of the body in a split second. In the horoscope for Gemini, Mercury rules over the tubes in the body that blood flows through. Move: hormones, enzymes, and oxygen.
Finally. Mercury may have some control over the hormones that are released by the glands in the body. Hormones are messengers that are sent to bring certain cells together to start enzymatic functions in the body so that the metabolism can keep going on a steady course.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury as well. So, the planet has something to do with how sugar is broken down in the pancreas into glucose, a process that can be messed up if there isn’t enough thiamine in the body because of a bad diet or a tendency to eat too many processed foods. A lack of thiamine also lowers the amount of hydrochloric acid (Hel) in the stomach. This means that the food is only partially digested, so when the bHe is poured into the duodenum (the first 11 inches of the small intestine), it can’t properly break down the fats. This problem leads to other issues like colitis, diverticulosis, flatulence, heartburn, and diarrhea, many of which happen when Virgo is in charge.
Mercury is also closely linked to the thyroid, and it seems to play a role in thyroid problems whether or not Taurus, which rules the thyroid, is present. But when it comes to thiamine deficiency, the thyroid is usually the second or third sign. It is not a constant sign of thiamine deficiency.

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When Mercury is in retrograde motion, it’s probably not a good time to plan an operation. Signals can get mixed up. For example, a woman could go to the hospital for a simple appendectomy and come out without a uterus. During Mercury’s retrograde, doctors might give the wrong drugs or doses that aren’t right for the person.
Miscommunications can happen between doctors, between doctors and nurses, between nurses and patients, or between patients and doctors. A transit like this could even mean that a second surgery will have to be done.