How Do The Planets Affect The Sign Aquarius

Aquarius is known for relaxing the calves and ankles, but it has a number of other important jobs that are less well known. For one thing, it has to do with how the body gets oxygen.
When there isn’t enough oxygen, the cells can’t work as well as they could. And since starchy foods take oxygen away from the body during digestion, someone with a strong Aquarius in their birth chart should stick to a low-starch diet to save the oxygen for better uses. Deep breathing exercises can also help the body get rid of carbon dioxide.

Aquarius also affects the way the blood flows in general. This sign is linked to blood poisoning, which can be traced back to toxemia caused by a backed-up colon. Also, Aquarius controls how the rods and cones of the eyes work. When the colon is slow or doesn’t work right, the eyes often feel weak. Glaucoma and cataracts can happen in the worst cases.
Lastly, Aquarius is in charge of the backbones, which protect the spinal cord. So, diseases of the spinal column that have to do with nerves are ruled by this sign. Problems with how muscles, nerves, and the brain work together. Multiple sclerosis, lateral sclerosis, and myelitis are just some of the diseases that happen often.

Planets in Aquarius

When the Sun is in Aquarius, it can cause poor blood circulation, blood problems in the colon, carbon monoxide poisoning, back problems, and lower leg cramps. If the Moon is in Aquarius, this position can cause your lower legs to get spider veins. Eye problems like cataracts and glaucoma are also possible. With Mercury in Aquarius, this could cause muscular dystrophy or any nerve disease that affects the muscles and brain. Muscle cramps, pain in the calf or ankle, and weak ankles may happen.

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With Venus in Aquarius, in this arrangement, blood problems, varicose veins, and swollen ankles are all possible. Mars in Aquarius can be a sign of blood that is too hot, fevers that come and go, and blood poisoning in the legs. Heavy exercise and erysipelas of the lower legs or back can cause back pain. Jupiter in Aquarius could cause back pain, blood poisoning, swollen ankles, heart dropsy, or edema.

Saturn in Aquarius can cause a number of health problems, such as not enough oxygen in the body, muscle cramps in the lower legs from not getting enough calcium, anemia from a weak colon, sprained ankles, club feet, spinal curvature, spine caries, spinal cord compression or sclerosis, arterial sclerosis, and cataracts. Uranus in Aquarius, with this placement, diseases of the muscles, nerves, and spinal column that can cause nerve degeneration may happen. There could be cramps in the calves, trouble seeing, or strokes.

When Neptune is in Aquarius, it can mean that your eyesight isn’t very good and that you’re more likely to get cataracts or glaucoma because of bad eating habits and your genes. The feet and ankles of a thief may also be weak. If there isn’t enough oxygen in the blood, the quality of the blood may be bad, and the person may get blood poisoning. Blood poisoning can make a person forgetful and tired. Pluto in Aquarius. In¬†this set-up, tumors and other growths that affect the eyes and spinal cord, as well as degeneration of the spinal cord that leads to nerve tissue death, can happen.

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