Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility in Relationships and Love

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility for building trust and communication

If Taurus’s relationship with Aquarius wasn’t so stressful, they might opt to be truthful and straightforward. Aquarius does not comprehend Taurus’s mentality, least of all their worry of not being good enough. Guilt and self-criticism are the most challenging characteristics of Taurus, but Aquarius is free of them and considers them archaic. This rigid Aquarius viewpoint will intimidate Taurus to the point where they will find it tough to express their feelings. This will result in an irreparable circle of falsehoods and mistrust.

There appears to be no flexibility in an Aquarius relationship, despite their generally tolerant approach toward individual diversity. Aquarius must let go of their self-righteousness and be mindful of how their Taurus partner feels in their presence in order to build the subtle trust. Taurus must be courageous and stop worrying about the repercussions of everything they say in order to establish the trust. As a contact of Earth and Air, they can be so far apart that they have nothing in common to discuss. Taurus brings Uranus to its demise, and all of Aquarius’s brilliant ideas seem to be filtered through a sieve of realism provided by Taurus. This wouldn’t be an issue per se, but the Taurean’s inability to grasp the full potential of the tangible world can occasionally drive their Aquarius spouse down to the point where none of their ambitions seem possible.

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If Taurus can grasp their partner’s desire to fly, they may be able to assist them in making their dreams come true. This is an unusual occurrence, as Aquarius views Taurus to be lethargic and dull, with a “little town” mentality that hinders the advancement of our society.

Their differences are difficult to reconcile, and when they fall in love, every small issue could become a major obstacle and cause them to consider quitting the relationship. If Taurus desires a white picket fence, Aquarius desires a 67th-floor condominium. If Taurus craves sympathy, Aquarius is indifferent to others’ perspectives. If Taurus desires to travel on foot, Aquarius prefers to get an airplane ticket. In general, they may discover that they aren’t exactly created for each other, unless they both have the flexibility to recognize the final differences in others and the willingness to try things they don’t care about just to see whether they enjoy them.

How do Taurus and Aquarius relate emotionally

They are fortunate that the sign of Aquarius boosts Venus’s spirits; else, they wouldn’t stand a chance. A Taurus is unlikely to fall in love with an Aquarius since they do not recognize their ruler in a positive context. Aquarius is already sufficiently far, and without the excitement offered by certain other signs, they will not quite feel the electricity of falling in love with an immovable Taurus. However, they may both fall for the center ground between them. If Taurus recognizes the Saturnian side of Aquarius and Aquarius realizes the childlike aspect of their Taurus spouse, they may learn that they actually belong together, despite the odds.

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Common activities and values

Taurus loves material possessions and anchored behavior, whereas Aquarius values freedom in any form. One of them desires to be restrained, while the other desires to soar. There is truth and good in both ways to life, so they have no choice but to accept the disparities between their goals and personalities. Together, they can find certain things to cherish if Aquarius’ realm of ideas and Taurus’ practical realizations are utilized to create them.

They might do a variety of nice things together for a brief period of time. After Taurus’s resources have been exhausted, they will not want to accomplish anything else together. By “resources,” we do not necessarily mean money, but rather the total amount of energy for action. After visiting a fascinating place they have never been before, Taurus will be eager to return home for a delicious meal. Aquarius lacks this need and desires to constantly be on the go. They might be cared for by their Taurus mate if they had the patience to keep them well-fed, clothed in clean attire, and responsible for home duties. However, this compromise is uncommon because the emotional fulfillment the Taurus partner would receive in exchange is insufficient.

Sexuality and romantically

The Taurean’s slow, gentle, and supple temperament will be excruciatingly irritated by Aquarius’ unpredictable and eccentric personality. In most cases, they are not attracted to each other and, depending on the circumstances, view each other as dull or insane. However, if they were open to the prospect of unconventional sexual interactions, they may assist each other flourish.

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If the tenderness of Taurus is projected onto their independent, distant Aquarius companion, their creative and motivating side would awaken, providing vigor and speed to the constructive gentleness of Taurus. Imagine the sexual life they could have if they shared enough respect and emotion despite their differences as outcasts.

They appear to be looking for different things in a relationship to begin with, therefore they rarely reach this point. Taurus desires a stable, unshakable union, whereas Aquarius desires to be free of any ties to this world, let alone emotional connections. Because they would not feel like themselves in a relationship that disregards their primitive desires, it is difficult for them to reconcile these differences or keep them out of their sex life.